Mamma Mia

Arts Center of Coastal Carolina

Some of the most fun scenes were those with Donna’s BFFs. Rosie (Shannon Lee Jones), Tanya (Kim Shriver), and Donna shared an early beginning when they were a performing trio “Donna and the Dynamos,” a pop-rockish act more than 20 years ago. In moments, their friendship and loyalty was fully back in place. You will love every minute of “Money, Money, Money,” “Chiquitita,” and, of course, “Dancing Queen” and “Super Trooper” with the phenomenal female ensemble.

—Nancy K. Wellard, The Island Packet


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

1st National Tour

The supporting cast is equally adept. Drew McVety as the corrupt French Police Chief Andre Thibault (who also serves as Jameson's set up man when picking suitable pigeons) is all understated awkwardness and charm when wooing Kim Shriver's lonely and endearing Muriel Eubanks, a rich widow turned victim turned lover. Their Fred and Ginger style duet, "Like Zis/Like Zat," is a warm and wonderful highlight that gives the audience a chance to emit some genuinely romantic sighs amidst the rest of the show's raucous buffoonery.

Jan Nargi, BroadwayWorld


A Chorus Line

Paper Mill Playhouse

Individual performances are strong, and not necessarily mirror copies of the memorable originals.  Kim Shriver, as the sardonic Sheila, has the necessary brittle bite.

Robert Daniels, Variety


Suds: The Rocking 60's Soap Opera

Shriver is making her Williams Street debut, but as an Actor’s Equity member with Broadway, off-Broadway and even Rockette experience, she plays long-time guardian angel Marge with all the moxie and vocal skills of a pro, one who initially has little patience with Dee Dee, on her first assignment.

Paul Lockwood, Plan It Northwest